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Sunday, July 10, 2016

...and yet more presents!

I promised to share these lovelies, made for me by Van @ Ferndale Sims, ages ago... (I'm such a headless creature, you know)

A 2-story palm from "VtMB" (those you can see on Santa-Monica and L-A streets in that game), which he made on my request. Only middle zoom is pictured – actually it's really tall! (and beautiful). Do not place too close to buildings though.

And unexpected (but very pleasant!) gift – a Nuka-Cola vending machine from "Fallout 3". It is based on one of ATS moodboosters.
Thank you very much, dear Van!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Some presents from my friends

A lovely, seductive lingerie from Watersim @ YMD

Hungry raven to watch and feed by Andrasta @ Andrasta's World

And a set of beautifully worn post-apocalyptic ricksaws by Simtonic @ Boudoir Blanc for my Birthday 2015
Thank you all, friends! 

Sorry for not sharing earlier, but I wanted to post them along with a new update here... Who knew that the gap between updates will be 2,5 years!

Creepy porcelain dolls

An update here! Finally! LOL! :-D
Here are old porcelain dolls, I promised to share more than 4 years ago. They had a complete rework today and I hope you'll treat them gently.

They have to be placed on the floor to play with them, but for decorative purpose you can place them on any surface.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My beloved Kindred...

...finally this day came and we may rejoice! LOL! :-P
Glad to announce, that I found the way to extract the materials and models from "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines" (2004) by "Troika Games" and convert them to Sims 1. All things below are converted directly from "VtMB" and don't have their Sims 2-3 equivalents, to my knowing at least. Enjoy!

To the set is also included a bonus-object (not pictured) - wall decal, to be put behind the radiator. Bed is rug-based, so – deco-only! (to creators: actually it's a 2-rotations 2x3 rug with no additional sprites and I hope you'll find it useful for making "quick and dirty" beds). Sheet of plywood was made to go exclusively with 8DS Simotel windows, so I don't know, how it will look on any other ones. TV requires the Superstar EP and works best with satellite dish on the lot - all channels, except News are "broken", though Sims can watch them too. All wall fixtures (vent, light-switch, and electrical outlet) - are combined into "3in1" file. Laptop is fully-functional and can pe placed on any surface. Walls are 2-part mural with 3 variations of each part. Four carpet pieces can be applied randomly to create more natural effect.

This is not all for today! Talented and generous Susanne @ Madoria's World has made on my request the main part of haven's kitchen (counters and cabinet). Also she added wall/floor set to go with it! Thank you so much, my friend!

Also my heartfelt thanks to Gaby (Simbeule) for kind help! Without her this project wouldn't be possible!

P.S. Being too sleepy I forgot to mention on the "in-game" picture, that the door is also from 8DS. Sorry about this! Will fix later, after getting some sleep.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The series continues! ;)

If your view on the city in not so perfect - look through the frosted glass of this art-deco window! ;) My dear friend Martha generously made it for my project and I think it's most beautiful window for Sims ever! Thank you once more, luv! :-* 

About the next set I'm kinda proud of myself - my first ever Maxis-match! LOL! :-D They look especially good, when placed on the top of columns. I wasn't able to make them 4-rotations, sorry, but as far as writings on them are in Simlish, I think they are okay this way. For the preview pic I've resized them to 75% - actually they are very large (4-tiled).

One more collection of urban stuff. The traffic light turned out very good - it's not blinking like crazy! :-P

What the crowds of people on the streets of a big city, such as Metropolis, are craving most? Yes - bread and circuses! These sleepless neon ads will tell them the right direction.
Only cinema sign (vertical one) is an actual wall lamp. Movie posters and neon signs are glowing in the dark, but do not cast the light.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to Metropolis!

When I saw these objects from the new Sims 3 world - Roaring Heights, I immediately fell in love, even though I'm not a biggest fan of art-deco. The whole thing kinda resembles me of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis", so I took it's name for this project. But it will also fit perfectly for many other fictional worlds, such as old Gotham-City or H.G.Wells "Time Machine". Don't be afraid of Morlocks though - I will take you for a walk on a bright side of Metropolis today. Maybe later - who knows? ;)

There's always sunny on the top of the world and these 2-story columns are reaching the sky:

Glitz and glamour are covering wealthy parts of the city:

The mailbox is deco-only yet. Later I will add also the functional version.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

TSM: Pirates and Nobles Conversions

Hello, friends! Sorry for not updating so long - been busy with RL issues, which kept me heavily uninspired. But this month I've got a kick of inspiration from awesome ships, made by my dear friend Simtonic - here and here. So, I just can't resist to add my contribution to the piracy theme. All these objects were converted to Sims 2 by delonariel from The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles. And now, thankfully to her generous policy, I've converted them to Sims 1. Also special thanks goes to amazing Space Cadet, who created a new 4x2 rug base on my request.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Here is another set, promised long ago... Hope it was worth to wait for, because I redid, what was already made and added few more new items: