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Thursday, July 25, 2013

TSM: Pirates and Nobles Conversions

Hello, friends! Sorry for not updating so long - been busy with RL issues, which kept me heavily uninspired. But this month I've got a kick of inspiration from awesome ships, made by my dear friend Simtonic - here and here. So, I just can't resist to add my contribution to the piracy theme. All these objects were converted to Sims 2 by delonariel from The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles. And now, thankfully to her generous policy, I've converted them to Sims 1. Also special thanks goes to amazing Space Cadet, who created a new 4x2 rug base on my request.

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  1. We forgot to thank you for this set. It will fit into Gomez and Fester's Sanctum Sanctorum perfectly. Have you ever seen the first modern Addams Family movie? Now that is a playroom. Now if we can just find two small pet cages with children in them... on their way to summer camp! The picture in the movie is based on a real Charles Addams cartoon. This site really helps our Addams sims collection. Thank you again for sharing with us. See you at CTO.
    The Frumps