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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mysterious Ruins

Hello, friends!
Sorry, it took so long, but, you know, RL comes first... *sigh*
All stuff, promised in my first post, will be released in next couple of weeks. Everything is made ages ago, just didn't had time to manage an update - shooting the pics, writing descriptions, re-catting, re-pricing, uploading etc usually takes about 3 hours or even more.

Oh, enough blabbering and whining. Better I will show you, what I brought this time... :)
It is the first part of Kativip's MS Excavations set. Here you have almost all artefacts and the next part will be dedicated to excavations.

(14 objects (1 invisible), 4 sets of murals, 2 single floors and set of terrain covers)
To players: Portal is consisting from two pieces - 1st is deco overlay, 2nd is working TSO Transposer by OddSim, which I've made invisible. To get them both work you have to place invisible portal FIRST (!), then over it - a decorative one. Working portal will appear as a tiny black dot almost at the center of deco overlay, if you aligned them properly. It is kinda hard to aim and click, but this was the only way to make it work.
To creators: Deco portal is a new base - 3x3 rug with 1 rotation. It could be useful for the round rugs or any other items, which have to look identical from different views.
ATTENTION! Some of these objects, when placed outside, may spoil the view of your lot on neighborhood map.