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Sunday, July 10, 2016

...and yet more presents!

I promised to share these lovelies, made for me by Van @ Ferndale Sims, ages ago... (I'm such a headless creature, you know)

A 2-story palm from "VtMB" (those you can see on Santa-Monica and L-A streets in that game), which he made on my request. Only middle zoom is pictured – actually it's really tall! (and beautiful). Do not place too close to buildings though.

And unexpected (but very pleasant!) gift – a Nuka-Cola vending machine from "Fallout 3". It is based on one of ATS moodboosters.
Thank you very much, dear Van!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Some presents from my friends

A lovely, seductive lingerie from Watersim @ YMD

Hungry raven to watch and feed by Andrasta @ Andrasta's World

And a set of beautifully worn post-apocalyptic ricksaws by Simtonic @ Boudoir Blanc for my Birthday 2015
Thank you all, friends! 

Sorry for not sharing earlier, but I wanted to post them along with a new update here... Who knew that the gap between updates will be 2,5 years!

Creepy porcelain dolls

An update here! Finally! LOL! :-D
Here are old porcelain dolls, I promised to share more than 4 years ago. They had a complete rework today and I hope you'll treat them gently.

They have to be placed on the floor to play with them, but for decorative purpose you can place them on any surface.