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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The series continues! ;)

If your view on the city in not so perfect - look through the frosted glass of this art-deco window! ;) My dear friend Martha generously made it for my project and I think it's most beautiful window for Sims ever! Thank you once more, luv! :-* 

About the next set I'm kinda proud of myself - my first ever Maxis-match! LOL! :-D They look especially good, when placed on the top of columns. I wasn't able to make them 4-rotations, sorry, but as far as writings on them are in Simlish, I think they are okay this way. For the preview pic I've resized them to 75% - actually they are very large (4-tiled).

One more collection of urban stuff. The traffic light turned out very good - it's not blinking like crazy! :-P

What the crowds of people on the streets of a big city, such as Metropolis, are craving most? Yes - bread and circuses! These sleepless neon ads will tell them the right direction.
Only cinema sign (vertical one) is an actual wall lamp. Movie posters and neon signs are glowing in the dark, but do not cast the light.


  1. Wow! Yes, it definitely looks like Simmish lettering, now all you need is a spell checker! LOL. Nocturnal Market is always a favorite stopping place for Sims creations since our Sims lots tend toward the Addams/Hitchcock side of humor. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!