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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to Metropolis!

When I saw these objects from the new Sims 3 world - Roaring Heights, I immediately fell in love, even though I'm not a biggest fan of art-deco. The whole thing kinda resembles me of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis", so I took it's name for this project. But it will also fit perfectly for many other fictional worlds, such as old Gotham-City or H.G.Wells "Time Machine". Don't be afraid of Morlocks though - I will take you for a walk on a bright side of Metropolis today. Maybe later - who knows? ;)

There's always sunny on the top of the world and these 2-story columns are reaching the sky:

Glitz and glamour are covering wealthy parts of the city:

The mailbox is deco-only yet. Later I will add also the functional version.